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PAC - NM Restaurant Association

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
4/24/2020Clemente Sanchez612 Inwood Ave, Grants NM 870202020 Donation Yes $2,500.00
4/24/2020Gabriel Ramos502 Silver Heights, Silver City NM 880612020 Donation Yes $2,500.00
4/24/2020George MunozPO Box 2679, Gallup NM 873052020 Donation Yes $2,500.00
4/24/2020John SmithBox 998, Deming NM 880312020 Donation No $2,500.00
4/24/2020Joseph Cervantes2610 South Espina, Las Cruces NM 880012020 Donation Yes $2,500.00
4/24/2020Mary Kay Papen904 Conway Avenue, Las Cruces NM 880052020 Donation Yes $2,500.00