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PAC - Ben Lujan Speaker Fund

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
4/1/2011Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Santa Fe60 W. San Mateo Rd., Santa Fe NM 87504Legislative Session - Water/Soft Drinks No $221.00
3/21/2011Jason Loera6230 Saint Josephs Ct. NW, Albuquerque NM 87102Computer Repairs No $148.64
3/20/2011Felia DuranState Rd. 503, Santa Fe NM 87506Funeral Expenses Contribution No $150.00
3/6/2011Citibank CardsP.O. Box 183051, Columbus OH 43218-3051Members Meals No $195.47
2/15/2011Office Depot153 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe NM 87501Office Supplies No $65.78
2/14/2011Capitol City Florists1370 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe NM 87501Flowers for Members for Valentine's Day No $218.00
1/24/2011Albertson's #927DeVargas Mall, Santa Fe NM 87501Legislative Session - Food for Speaker's Office No $221.99
1/24/2011Norma NaranjoP.O. Box 4221, Fairview NM 87533Pastries - Opening Day Reception No $150.00
1/18/2011Citibank CardsP.O. Box 183051, Columbus OH 43218-3051Meals - Members/Staffs No $278.94
1/17/2011Frances RomeroNot Provided, Santa Fe NM 87501Baked Goods for Opening Day Reception No $30.00
1/17/2011Albertson's #927DeVargas Mall, Santa Fe NM 87501Opening Day Reception Items No $44.70
1/17/2011Sam's ClubRodeo Road, Santa Fe NM 87501Opening Day Reception No $103.54
1/11/2011Santa Fe Party Rentals1006 Cordova Place, Santa Fe NM 87505Rental Items for Reception-Opening Legislative Day No $71.41
1/4/2011Staples3529 Zafarano Drive, Santa Fe NM 87507Supplies for Members No $1,084.94
12/28/2010Citibank CardsP.O. Box 183051, Columbus OH 43218-3051Airline Trip to DC No $624.30
12/17/2010Citibank CardsP.O. Box 183051, Columbus OH 43218-30511/2 Dell Computer Charges No $585.37