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PAC - Republican Party of Luna County

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
5/23/2014PNM (Electrical Service)POB 17970, Denver CO 80217-0970Monthly electric service No $13.72
5/19/2014City of Deming (Sewer, Water, Gas, Garbage)POB 706, Deming NM 88031Monthly sewer, water, garbage No $49.41
5/16/2014Liberty Mutual InsurancePOBox 85834, San Diego CA 92186-5834Monthly liability insurance No $41.67
5/12/2014Deming Visitors Center800 East Pine Street, Deming NM 88030Donation to support Governor's visit on 5/17/14 No $25.00
5/9/2014Century Link (Telephone Services)POB 29040, Phoenix AZ 85038-9040Monthly telephone service No $49.59