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PAC - New Mexico Optometric Pac

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
5/29/2018Bank of America8040 Academy Road, Albuquerque NM 87111merchant service fees No $59.93
5/29/2018David Adkins1234 Unknown Street, Albuquerque NM 87109Contr to leg No $500.00
5/25/2018Gail ArmstrongPO BOX 326, Magdalena NM 88025Contr to leg No $500.00
5/25/2018Georgene Louis10104 Round Up Place SW, Albuquerque NM 87121Contr to leg No $500.00
5/25/2018Larry ScottPO BOX 1708, Hobbs NM 88241Contr to leg No $500.00
5/25/2018Monica Youngblood9832 Stone Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87114Contr to leg No $500.00
5/24/2018Jim Trujillo1901 Morris Place, Santa Fe NM 87505Contr to leg No $500.00
5/24/2018Elizabeth Thompson1214 Westerfield Dr NE, Albuquerque NM 87112Contr to leg No $500.00
5/24/2018Angelica RubioP.O. Box 2155, Las Cruces NM 88004Contr to leg No $500.00
5/24/2018Catherynn Brown1814 North Guadallupe, Carlsbad NM 88220Contr to leg No $500.00
5/23/2018Intuit, Website NM 87111Quickbooks Online Monthly Fee No $36.79
5/23/2018Javier Martinez1101 Mis Abuelitos Dr. NW, Albuquerque NM 87104Contr to leg No $500.00
5/22/2018Carl Trujillo11 W. Gutierrez St. #3212, Santa Fe NM 87506Contr to leg No $500.00
5/21/2018Jimmie Hall13008 Grayhills NE, Albuquerque NM 87111Contr to leg No $500.00
5/16/2018Candy EzzellBox 2125, Roswell NM 88202Contr to leg No $500.00
5/16/2018Doreen Gallegos3011 Broadmoor, Las Cruces NM 88001Contr to leg No $1,000.00
5/16/2018Debbie Rodella16 Private Drive 1156, Espanola NM 87532Contr to leg No $1,000.00
5/15/2018D. Wonda JohnsonPO BOX 982, Church Rock NM 87311Contr to leg No $500.00
5/15/2018Jason Harper4917 Fox Moore Ct, NE, Rio Rancho NM 87144-8559Contr to leg No $500.00
5/15/2018Nathan Small1320 Fourth Street, Las Cruces NM 88055Contr to leg No $500.00
5/14/2018Randal Crowder509 Playa Dr, Clovis NM 88101Contr to leg No $500.00
5/14/2018Greg Nibert400 N Pennsylvania Ave #700, Roswell NM 88201Contr to leg No $500.00
5/11/2018Deborah Armstrong2015 Dietz Place NW, Albuquerque NM 87107Contr to leg No $1,000.00
5/10/2018Antonio "Moe" Maestas544 61st Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87105Contr to leg No $500.00
5/8/2018Alonzo BaldonadoBox 370, Los Lunas NM 87031Contr to leg No $500.00
5/8/2018David GallegosBox 998, Eunice NM 88231Contr to leg No $500.00
5/8/2018Rebbeca Dow806 Sierra Vista , Truth or Consequences NM 87901Contr to leg No $500.00
5/8/2018Joanne FerraryStreet Unknown, Las Cruces NM 88005Contr to leg No $500.00