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PAC - New Mexico Optometric Pac

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
9/3/2018Bank of America8040 Academy Road, Albuquerque NM 87111Bank Fees No $39.90
9/3/2018Quickbooks Intuit Merchant, Unknown City NM 87111Merchant service fees No $112.27
9/2/2018Quickbooks Online2700 Coast Ave, Mountain View CA 94043online service fees No $73.58
7/26/2018Derrick Lente70 Kuaua Street, Sandia Pueblo NM 87004cont to leg No $500.00
7/24/2018Sharon ChahchischiliagePO BOX 604, Shiprock NM 86420cont to leg No $500.00
7/24/2018Zachary Cook100 Sarah Lane, Ruidoso NM 88435cont to leg No $500.00
7/24/2018Candie Sweetster10520 Hermanas Rd SW, Deming NM 88030cont to leg No $500.00
7/23/2018Eliseo AlconBox 2134, Milan NM 87021cont to leg No $500.00
7/23/2018Harry GarciaPO BOX 226, Grants NM 87020cont to leg No $500.00
7/20/2018Jakey Chatfield93 Hopson Rd, Mosquero NM 87733cont to leg No $500.00
7/2/2018Bealquin Gomez400 Dawson Rd, La Mesa NM 88044cont to leg No $500.00