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PAC - Farmers Employee and Agent Political Action Committee

DatePayee NamePayee AddressPurposePRC ExpAmount
3/5/2015Farmers Employee and Agent Political Action Committee4343 Pan American #231, Albuquerque NM 87007FEAPAC Board Meeting No $1,776.99
10/30/2014Carol Leavell441 South 6th St., Jal NM 88252Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014Daniel Ivey-Soto1420 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerue NM 87110Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014John Ryan1020 Salamanca Street NW, Albuquerue NM 87107Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014John Sapien1600 West Ella, Corrales NM 87048Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014Michael PadillaPO Box 67535, Albuquerue NM 87193Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014Michael Sanchez3 Bunton Road, Belen NM 87002Contribution No $2,000.00
10/30/2014Phil GriegoPO Box 10, San Jose NM 87565Contribution No $1,000.00
10/30/2014Stuart Ingle2106 West University Drive, Portales NM 88130Contribution No $2,000.00
10/30/2014William Payne13415 Wilderness Pl NE, Albuquerue NM 8711Contribution No $1,000.00
10/16/2014George DodgePO Box 316, Santa Rosa NM 88435Contribution No $1,000.00
10/16/2014James MadalenaPO Box 255, Jemez Pueblo NM 87024Contribution No $1,000.00