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PAC - New Mexico Medical Political Action Committee

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
11/30/2016Bank of the West5301 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87108 $0.10
12/31/2016Bank of the West5301 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87108 $0.11
1/31/2017Bank of the West5301 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87108 $0.11
2/28/2017Bank of the West5301 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque NM 87108 $0.10
3/13/2017Justice First NMPO Box 152, Albuquerque NM 87103N/A$1,204.71
3/31/2017Bank of the West 5301 Central Ave. NE , Albuquerque NM 87108 $0.11
4/3/2017BCA Medical Association813 N. Washington Ave., Roswell NM 88201Medical Doctors$800.00
4/3/2017San Juan Medical Group622 W. Maple, Ste. B, Farmington NM 87401Medical Doctors$4,000.00
4/3/2017Adrian Michael3705 Selene Ct., Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017Charles Chiang311 E. Nizhoni Blvd., Farmington NM 87401 $120.00
4/3/2017David Brown1620 Hospital Dr., Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017David Church3917 W. Road, Roswell NM 88203 $100.00
4/3/2017David Jaffe323 S Union Ave, Santa Fe NM 87506 $100.00
4/3/2017Dennis Robison622 W. Maple St., Ste. C, Farmington NM 87401Medical Doctor$100.00
4/3/2017Earl Latimer115 E. 19th St., Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017Eddie Gaines3800 E. Lohman, Roswell NM 88201 $100.00
4/3/2017Emilio Araujo MinoPO Box 1574, Aztec NM 87410 $100.00
4/3/2017Eric Ladd1640 Old Pecos Trail, Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017Hector OcaranzaP.O. Box 4530, Anthony NM 88021Medical Doctor$100.00
4/3/2017Hernan Ciudad2801 E. Missouri, Hobbs NM 88240 $100.00
4/3/2017James Boss115 E. 19th St., Jal NM 88252 $100.00
4/3/2017Jane McMillan465 St. Michaels Dr., Ste. 117, Santa Fe NM 87505Medical Doctor$100.00
4/3/2017Jeffrey Nelson1600 N. Main, Roswell NM 88201 $100.00
4/3/2017Jerry Batley1600 N. Main, Las Cruces NM 88011 $100.00
4/3/2017Jerry Karabin814 W. Maple St., Hobbs NM 88242 $100.00
4/3/2017John Becker7 Avenida Vista Grand, Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017John Glick2908 Hilrise Dr., Carlsbad NM 88220 $100.00
4/3/2017John Wassner3 Rancho Verano , Carlsbad NM 88220 $190.00
4/3/2017Kanaka-Lakshmy Chelliah2901 Hillrise Dr., Roswell NM 88203 $100.00
4/3/2017Kathleen BurkePO Box 6880, Roswell NM 88201 $100.00
4/3/2017Kristy Wolske1900 Placitas Tr., Farmington NM 87499 $100.00
4/3/2017Lawrence Andrade517 E. Nizhoni Blvd., Santa Fe NM 87506 $100.00
4/3/2017Mark Fisher 643 W. Pinon Street, Farmington NM 87401Medical Doctor $100.00
4/3/2017Martin Boyd3108 Pebble Beach Rd., Farmington NM 87401 $100.00
4/3/2017Masoud Khorsand-Sahbaie407 W. Country Club Rd., Grants NM 87020 $100.00
4/3/2017Michael Rowley216 Sandzen Dr., Santa Fe NM 87505 $100.00
4/3/2017Peter Fishback8 Los Pinoneros Ct., Las Vegas NM 87701 $100.00
4/3/2017Robert Lopez2450 S. Telshor Blvd., Hobbs NM 88240 $100.00
4/3/2017Robert Smaltz2539 Medical Dr., Las Cruces NM 88007 $100.00
4/3/2017Timothy VanderJagt460 St. Michaels Dr., Santa Fe NM 87505 $100.00