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PAC - Ben Lujan Speaker Fund

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
9/29/2011Representative Gail Chasey1206 Las Lomas N.E., Albquerque NM 87106Legislator$1,000.00
11/7/2011New Mexico Land Title PAC201 3rd St. NW Ste. 1180, Albquerque NM 87102-3381New Mexico Land Title PAC$500.00
11/9/2011Presbyterian Health PlanP.O. Box 27489, Albquerque NM 87125-7489Healthcare Provider$1,000.00
11/16/2011Century Link, NM PAC400 Tijeras Ave. NW Suite 510, Albquerque NM 87102-3234Telecommunications$400.00
11/17/2011Enterprise Holdings, Inc.600 Corporate Park Drive, St. Louis MO 63105Automobile Rental's$1,000.00
11/30/2011Consumer Lending Alliance, Inc.92 Royster Drive, Crowfortville FL 32327-4625Financial Institution$1,000.00
12/5/2011Larry Horan510 Laguna Blvd. SW, Albuquerque NM 87104-1117Governmental Affairs$1,000.00
12/6/2011Virgin Galactic LLC 68 Bleecher St. FL 6, New York NY 10012-2420Space Agency$1,000.00
12/16/2011Medco Health Solutions, Inc.and Medco Health Affiliates100 Parsons Pond Drive, Franklin Lakes NJ 07417-2603Pharmaceuticals$750.00
12/16/2011New Mexico Assn. of Nurse Anesthetists PACP.O. Box 92885, Albquerque NM 87199Healthcare Provider$500.00
2/18/2012Kathleen Dickerson2202 Ardon St., Santa Fe NM 87505 $50.00