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PAC - Republican Party of Luna County

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
5/10/2014B Anderson1470 Florida Street SW, Deming NM 88030unknown$5.00
5/10/2014Barb Fichtenmueller2911 South Alamogordo Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
5/10/2014Bill Novack2915 Alamogordo, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014Bob Kadel523 M Street, Belleville KS 66935 $20.00
5/10/2014Boyd McIlhatton815 East Florida Street, Apt.9, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014Danielle Regalado1821 South Granite, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/10/2014Diana Siebelunknown, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/10/2014Genie Wall290 Apache Hills Drive NW, Deming NM 88030retired$10.00
5/10/2014John Sweetser10520 Hermanas Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014John M. Costilla900 South 9th Street, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/10/2014Juliana GomezP.O. Box 366 , Deming NM 88031 $5.00
5/10/2014Kathryn Hodson700 West Birch, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/10/2014Kelly Gannawayunknown, Deming NM 88030unknown$5.00
5/10/2014Linda SmirkovskyP.O. Box 412, Deming NM 88031Candidate Luna Co.Commissioner, District 2 GOP$100.00
5/10/2014Linda Timberman2915 South Alamogordo Street, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/10/2014Mark Poucher4905 Silver City Hwy., Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014Merle Burton2604 Silver Avenue, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014Robert & Grace Knudson3119 South Alamogordo Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
5/10/2014Stephen & Peggie Westenhofer3017 Putting Green Road, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/10/2014Thomas W. GuerraP.O. Box 43, Columbus NM 88029attorney$5.00
5/21/2014Tink Jackson9415 Columbus Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/21/2014Tom WhatleyP.O. Box 1512, Deming NM 88031 $20.00
5/21/2014Tommy PerezPOB 668, Deming NM 880312nd Vice Chair, Republican Party of Luna County$20.00
5/21/2014Tony Sayre1402 South Roswell Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
5/21/2014William Langdon8510 Amapola Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$40.00
5/21/2014Robyn Johnson5780 Holstein Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/21/2014Joe Jackson3660 Blue Quail Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/21/2014John KeckP.O. Box 349, Deming NM 88031 $20.00
5/21/2014John Saling17015 Napache Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/21/2014Mike Waldrop125 Arizona Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/21/2014Murray KeelerP.O. Box 307, Animas NM 88020 $20.00
5/21/2014Rick PattersonPOB 1212, Deming NM 88031 $20.00
5/21/2014Matthew McReynolds909 South Gold Avenue, Deming NM 88030 $50.00
5/21/2014Karl Firsch411 North E Street, Silver City NM 88041 $5.00
5/21/2014Jerry Hayden3921 South Tumbleweed Lane, Chandler AZ 85248 $20.00
5/21/2014Tinley-Tee Tire Company2020 Columbus Road, Deming NM 88030business owner$100.00
5/21/2014Connie Ketterer545 O'Kelly Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/21/2014Dolores Fiorito3001 Water Hazard Drive SE, Deming NM 88030retired$10.00
5/21/2014Ed GreenP.O. Box 1171, Deming NM 88031 $20.00
5/21/2014Ellis Breckenridge9905 Country Club Drive SE, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
5/21/2014Eric Woodhouse2905 Water Hazard Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
5/21/2014Gail & Don Mardon11535 Western Skies Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/21/2014Bryan Stevenson9415 Columbus Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/27/2014Chain J. Ransome114 South Iron Street, Apt. 1, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/27/2014Joe Brown1204 South Diamond, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
5/27/2014Rick & Sue Holdridge625 Solana Road SW, Deming NM 88030business owner$100.00