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PAC - Republican Party of Luna County

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
6/2/2014Adam Perrault5640 Jersey Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Amber & Family Sweeney3460 El Bordo Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/2/2014Charlene Wood2740 Dona Ana Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Connie Milligan1318 Las Cruces Street, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Dave Taylor5315 Aspen Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/2/2014George Mora11982 Waterside, El Paso TX 79936 $5.00
6/2/2014Geri Shea1902 South Emerson, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
6/2/2014Gregg Floyd5261 Angel Fire Place, Las Cruces NM 88011 $15.00
6/2/2014Harold May2406 South Silver Avenue, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Ed Bunton10905 Alfredo Vasquez, El Paso TX 79934 $20.00
6/2/2014Jean Bergstrom2512 Playthru Drive, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Judi Taylor5315 Aspen Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/2/2014Kathy Penn10515 Hermanas Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Kevin Speer4301 Motel Drive East, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/2/2014Laurel Taylor5460 Milpa Road, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Luis Sanchez1009 West Locust, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Miguel Briseno116 North Silver Avenue, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/2/2014Phillip SkinnerPOB 810, Columbus NM 88029furniture store owner, Palomas, Mexico$10.00
6/2/2014Reggie PriceP.O. Box 61, Deming NM 88031 $5.00
6/2/2014Russ TreadwellPOB 1203, Deming NM 88031 $5.00
6/2/2014S. Knoop2201 Dona Ana Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
6/2/2014Tessa Smith925 Fort Fillmore, Mesilla Park NM 88047 $20.00
6/2/2014Tony Portillo13998 Tomahawk Trail, El Paso TX 79938 $5.00
6/14/2014Tony Sayre1402 South Roswell Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
6/14/2014William Langdon8510 Amapola Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$40.00
6/14/2014Tim Hewitt3901 Sonoma Springs Avenue #1211, Las Cruces NM 88011 $5.00
6/14/2014T. Keith Harris2025 South Tin Street, Deming NM 88030retired$5.00
6/14/2014Robert & Grace Knudson3119 South Alamogordo Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
6/14/2014Pat Seltzer10370 Bonito Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/14/2014Genie Wall290 Apache Hills Drive NW, Deming NM 88030retired$10.00
6/14/2014Javier Diaz2600 South Columbus, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/14/2014Dolores Fiorito3001 Water Hazard Drive SE, Deming NM 88030retired$10.00
6/14/2014Darr Shannon2049 Hwy 70, Lordsburg NM 88009 $100.00
6/14/2014Cheryl Speer2600 Solana Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/14/2014Billy Harris1016 Mallery, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/14/2014Anthony J. Ransome114 South Iron Street, Apt. 1, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/14/2014Albert Montez1307 South Platinum, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
6/28/2014Anthony J. Ransome114 South Iron Street, Apt. 1, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
6/28/2014Carol & Dick Wootton5165 Veranda Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$60.00
6/28/2014Joe Bill & Lauren H. Nunn11770 Steeple A Road NE, Deming NM 88030-1648retired$200.00
6/28/2014Michael Najibi115 South Pearl Street #7, Deming NM 88030known$10.00