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PAC - Republican Party of Luna County

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
7/12/2014Andrea Rodriguez1317 Los Luna Drive, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014Armando Milo617 San Carlos, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Badger Evans713 West Spruce, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Bob St. LouisPOB 2283, Roswell NM 88202 $20.00
7/12/2014Bobby Smrkovsky1313 North Country Club Road, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014Candy Kreyling3910 Apache Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Daniel Lere2416 Play Thru, Deming NM 88030Superintendent of Schools$20.00
7/12/2014Don Gilmore4515 Columbus, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Erik D. McGinnis1895 Solana Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014J & Linda Nicoll409 Buena Vista, Columbus NM 88029 $20.00
7/12/2014Jack BlandfordPOB 2821, Deming NM 88031 $10.00
7/12/2014Jean Arthur3016 Corte de Consuelo SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014Jim O'Neil3105 South Alamogordo, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Joe Enriquez105 Herrington Drive SE, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Jorge Enriquez105 Herrington Drive, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Ken & Gina McFaul3300 ComingThurThe Rye, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
7/12/2014Manual Carbonell500 South Copper, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014Nancy Holtz204 South Zinc, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Pope O'Neil3105 South Alamogordo, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014Robert Cortez911 West Hickory Street, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
7/12/2014Ron Crasner1114 South Ruby Street, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/12/2014Ronnie Pardue801 East Florida, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/12/2014T. Keith Harris2025 South Tin Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
7/12/2014Tom Black5555 Alma Road SE, Deming NM 88030rancher$20.00
7/14/2014Loranzo NaraPOB 141, Hachita NM 88041 $5.00
7/14/2014Kathleen Courtney6180 Lucca Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
7/14/2014Hilda Woodward3010 Slice Road, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/14/2014Fred Titmas3010 Slice Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
7/14/2014David T. Parsons713 West Spruce Street, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/14/2014Cody OwensPOB 208, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
7/14/2014Carol & Dick Wootton5165 Veranda Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$100.00
7/14/2014Anthony Moretti4520 Cordoba Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/14/2014Anthony J. Ransome114 South Iron Street, Apt. 1, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/22/2014Fred Titmas3010 Slice Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$25.00
7/22/2014Jack & Zelda Megerdchian22090 Solo Runway SE, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
7/22/2014Joe JohnsonPOB 510, Columbus NM 88029 $5.00
7/22/2014Mike Hofacket2850 Country Club Road SE, Deming NM 88030 $100.00
7/22/2014Patricia "Tris" McSherry8510 Amapola Road SE, Deming NM 88030Pharmacist$20.00
7/22/2014T. Keith Harris2025 South Tin Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
7/22/2014Timothy Roberson295 Arrowhead Drive NW, Deming NM 88030 $20.00
8/5/2014William Langdon8510 Amapola Road SE, Deming NM 88030retired$40.00
8/5/2014Soledad Price1315 South 8th Street, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
8/5/2014Tony Sayre1402 South Roswell Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
8/5/2014Robert & Grace Knudson3119 South Alamogordo Street, Deming NM 88030retired$20.00
8/5/2014Raul Lozano411 South Platinum Avenue, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
8/5/2014Ray Trejo2001 Dona Ana Road SW, Deming NM 88030 $15.00
8/5/2014Rex Gardner5365 Pelayo Road, Deming NM 88030 $5.00
8/5/2014Matt Robinson322 West Hemlock, Deming NM 88030 $10.00
8/5/2014Ira Pearson610 Country Club Road, Deming NJ 88030 $5.00
8/5/2014Israel Valdez1309 South Lovington, Deming NM 88030 $5.00