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PAC - Apartment Assoc. of New Mexico Political Action Committee

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
12/22/2014AMMRE, Inc.2329B Wisconsin St NE, Albuquerque NM 87110Property Management$7.50
12/22/2014Rock Solid Property Mangement8205 Spain Rd NE Ste 208, Albuquerque NM 87109Property Management$3.60
12/22/2014Charlotte Ortiz8024 Petroglyph Ave NW, Albuquerque NM 87120Property Management$0.30
12/22/2014Cheryll L. McDade6123 Buffalo Grass Court NE, Albuquerque NM 87111Property Management$0.90
12/22/2014Cynthia J Dimas1615 Mesita Lane, Belen NM 87002Property Management$0.30
12/22/2014Bell Family Condo1404 Pennsylvania St. NE #1, Albuquerque NM 87110-7526Property Management$0.30
12/22/2014Canyon OakPO BOX 785, Placitas NM 87043Property Management$2.10
12/22/2014Tulane Properties, Inc.5160 San Francisco NE, Albuquerque NM 87109Property Management$1.50
12/22/2014Simone PropertiesPO Box 21323, Albuquerque NM 87154-1323Property Management$2.10
12/22/2014Shirley Williams1412 Wellesley Drive, Albuquerque NM 87106Property Management$0.30
12/22/2014Thelma Cantu (SFH)8301 4th St. NW #8, Albuquerque NM 87114Property Management$0.30
12/23/2014New West Apartments1069 Bonita Avenue, Grants NM 87020Property Management$13.80
12/23/2014Sunray Apartments1017 Lobo Canyon Rd Ofc, Grants NM 87020-2142Property Management$14.40
12/23/2014Deer Hollow Senior701 N Bergin Ln, Bloomfield NM 87413-6701Property Management$6.00
12/23/2014Willie Rael Duplex3162 Granada Ct. SW, Albuquerque NM 87105Property Management$0.60
12/23/2014Columbus ApartmentsPO Box 342, Columbus NM 88029-0342Property Management$7.20
12/23/2014Central Apartments500 Prescott, Santa Clara NM 88026-0637Property Management$6.00
12/23/2014Florida Village Apartments601 W Florida St Ofc, Deming NM 88030-4582Property Management$14.40
12/23/2014Villa Nueva Senior Apartments990 18th Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87104Property Management$13.80
12/23/2014Embarcadero Apartments601 Navajo Ave Ofc, Aztec NM 87410-1972Property Management$14.40
12/23/2014Theta Apartments3900 Tulane Dr NE, Albuquerque NM 87107-4524Property Management$14.70
12/23/2014Sommerset Apartments1229 State St, Raton NM 87740-2228Property Management$10.80
12/23/2014Cielo Azul Property LLC400 Weimer Rd, Taos NM 87571Property Management$6.60
12/23/2014The Mix1761 Bellamah Ave NW, Albuquerque NM 87104Property Management$6.00
12/23/2014Franklin Vista I Apartments855 Clark Ave, Anthony NM 88021-1631Property Management$8.40
12/23/2014Beverly HeightsC/O Harlo Dynek Development, LLC, Las Cruces NM 88012Property Management$4.80
12/23/2014Cielo De Oro1700 Hendricks, Roswell NM 88203Property Management$9.00
12/23/2014Kristin Park Apartments2359 Moreland St., Las Vegas NM 87701-4875Property Management$13.20
12/23/2014Echols Place Supportive Housing1600 Echols, Clovis NM 88101Property Management$4.20
12/23/2014Townsgate Plaza1504 Red Cloud, Clovis NM 88101Property Management$4.20
12/23/2014Monterey Manor Apartments12201 Lomas Blvd NE Apt 116, Albuquerque NM 87112-5865Property Management$14.70
12/23/2014North Star Apartments333 Chico Dr Apt A-4, Las Vegas NM 87701-5167Property Management$12.00
12/23/2014Pecos ApartmentsP.O. Box 519, Dexter NM 88230-0519Property Management$8.40
12/23/2014Inspiration Heights ApartmentsP.O. Box 1919, Ruidoso Downs NM 88346-9419Property Management$14.40
12/23/2014Tierra EncantadaPo Box 1631, Anthony NM 88021Property Management$7.20
12/23/2014Tres CasitasPO Box 1372, Los Alamos NM 87544-1372Property Management$4.80
12/23/2014Valle Verde IPo Box 328, Hatch NM 87937Property Management$10.80
12/23/2014Valle Verde II360 Bianes, Hatch NM 87123-2164Property Management$7.20
12/23/2014Valle Verde III361 Bianes, Hatch NM 87937Property Management$3.00
12/23/2014Valley View Apartments2080 Memory Ln Ofc, Silver City NM 88061-7952Property Management$9.60
12/23/2014Villa Del Sol Senior755 Valle Vista, Sunland Park NM 88063Property Management$9.00
12/23/2014Villa Del Tularosa Senior2553 E. 1st Street, Alamogordo NM 88310Property Management$6.60
12/23/2014Sacramento Apartments94 Glorietta, Cloudcroft NM 88317-0994Property Management$6.00
12/23/2014Sunrise South Apartments1101 Del Rey Ave NE, Albuquerque NM 87122Property Management$12.90
12/23/2014Washington Eight (William LeMasters Co.)1204 Mechem #11, Ruidoso NM 88345Property Management$2.40
12/23/2014Westside Apartments721 Christopher Dr Ofc, Belen NM 87002-2639Property Management$7.20
12/23/2014Willow Tree Lodge111 South Willow, Ruidoso NM 88345Property Management$5.70
12/23/2014Wingfield House (William LeMasters Co)213 Wingfield, Ruidoso NM 88345Property Management$0.30
12/23/2014Wyoming Property, LLC4900 Wyoming Blvd NE Ofc, Albuquerque NM 87111-2057Property Management$13.80
12/23/2014Valle Del Sol ApartmentsP.O. BOx 311, Portales NM 88130Property Management$5.40