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PAC - Apartment Assoc. of New Mexico Political Action Committee

DateContributor NameContributor AddressOccupationAmount
4/5/2016Cathy Lippe Duplex-1608 Clark Ave., Farmington NM 87401Property Management$2.10
4/5/2016Bell Family Condo1520 Mimbres Canyon Pl NE, Albuquerque NM 87112Property Management$0.30
4/5/2016Lovington Trails1531 North Main St, Lovington NM 88260Property Management$19.20
4/5/2016Bella Vista Apartments110 Otono Rd Ofc, Taod NM 87571Property Management$12.00
4/5/2016Sunset Hills Apartments200 Rudy Dr, Gallup NM 87301Property Management$18.30
4/5/2016Willow Bend Villas Apartments1000 N Marland Blvd Ofc, Hobbs NM 88240Property Management$18.00
4/5/2016Cruz Alta913 Gusdorf Rd units 1-12, Taos NM 87571Property Management$3.60
4/5/2016Chelsea Village401 Alvarado Dr. SE, STE A, Albuquerque NM 87108Property Management$40.50
4/5/2016Plaza Del Sol Apartments401 Alvarado Dr. SE, STE A, Albuquerque NM 87108Property Management$12.00