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Lobbyist Name: Rel, Ricardo
Election Year: 0
Phone: 575-646-5909
Address: PO Box 30001, MSC
Las Cruces , New Mexico 88003

Date Type of Event & Location Group(s) Invited Total Expenses
Total: $4,759.79
5/20/2019 Post Legislative Session Reception $2,020.00
6/26/2019 Economic and Rural Development Interim Committee $743.65
7/10/2019 Legislative Finance Council Reception $250.00
8/21/2019 Public School Capital Outlay Task Force Meeting $50.65
9/3/2019 Science, Tech & Telecom Interim Cmte Mtg. $361.90
9/4/2019 Science, Tech & Telecom Interim Cmte Mtg. $356.98
9/23/2019 Courts, Corrections and Justice Interim Cmte Mtg. $566.61
9/24/2019 LHHS Interim Disabilities Sub-Cmte Mtg. $288.00
9/27/2019 Interim Legislative Health & Human Serv. Cmte Mtg. $122.00