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Lobbyist Name: Fleisher, Mark
Election Year: 0
Phone: 505.699.6994
Address: 9451 Thornton Avenue NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Date Type of Event & Location Group(s) Invited Total Expenses
Total: $1,604.94
1/15/2020 HAFC Dinner $275.82
1/16/2020 Leadership Lunch for Gallup $381.23
1/27/2020 Senate judiciary Committee $205.38
1/31/2020 Indian Day Evernt $75.00
1/31/2020 House Democratic Caucus $243.47
2/2/2020 Lota Burgers for the House $182.95
2/3/2020 House Indian Affairs Dinner $153.59
2/4/2020 Cupcakes for the House $87.50